BTY-M6H Laptop Battery for MSI GE62 GE72 GP62 PE60 PE70 GE62VR GP72 GL72 2QC 2QD 2QE GL62M MS-1792 MS-16J2 Series (10.8V 4730mAh 51Wh)

  • Model: BTY-M6H; Battery type: Li-ion; Voltage: 10.86V; Capacity: 4730mAh/51Wh
  • Compatible Models: MSI GE62 GE62VR GE62MVR GE63 GE72 GE72VR GE72MVR GP62VR GP62MVR GP72 GP72VR GP72MVR GL62 GL62M GL62VR GL62-6QC GL72 GL72M PE60 PE70 MS-1792 MS-1795 MS-16J1 MS-16J2 MS-16J3 MS-16J4 MS-16J5 MS-16J6 GL62-6QC Series
  • Compatible Models: MSI GE62 2QC-264XCN 2QC-648XCN 2QD-007XCN 2QD-059XCN 2QD-647XCN 2QE-052CN 2QE-053XCN 2QE-216XCN 2QF-255XCN 6QC-489XCN 6QC-490XCN 6QC-867XCN 6QD-1077XCN 6QD-060XCN 6QD-237XCN 6QD-026XCN 6QF-203XCN 6QF-202XCN 6QF-013XCN 6QF-057XCN; MSI GE72 2QC-257XCN 2QD-018XCN 2QD-059XCN 2QE-039CN 2QE-040XCN 2QF-258XCN 6QC-287XCN 6QC-289XCN 6QD-001XCN 6QD-843CN 6QF-020XCN 6QF-073XCN; MSI GP62 2QE-215XCN 2QE-218XCN 2QE-275XCN 6QG-1071XCN 6QG-1281CN 6QF-1462CN 6RF-215CN
  • Replace Part Numbers: BTY-M6H 3ICR19/65-2 3ICR19/66-2 MS-16J1 MS-16J2
  • 100% New from Manufacturer. Up to 500 recharge cycles over the life of the battery. The actual operation time will depend on how much electricity is required by the device and how you use it
  • For first use, please discharge the battery to 5%(not to 0%) and then charge to 95%, and cycle 3-4 times.

 9,000  10,000

A warranty sticker is attached on product and packaging, and a seriel number is noted on individual product ,which will serve as warranty card. Furthermore, warranty period is also mentioned on our invoice. You are requested to keep following item safe and secure for warranty claim.
1) Product packaging.
2) I.T STORE invoice.
3) Product it self.
Note: Warranty will be void if product is physically damaged or product packaging is lost by user.
I.T STORE offers 2 months warranty (terms and conditions apple).

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