Laptop Battery For HP VI04 HSTNN-DB6J Pavilion 15 14 Envy 14 15 17 ProBook 450 440 G2 V104 HSTNN-LB6K HSTNN-DB6I 14.4V


Battery Type:  Li-ion
Voltage : 14.8V

Label Capacity : 2600mAh

Product Type : Replacement Battery (100% Brand New)
Condition : Brand New

Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device,
This Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:
VI04 laptop batteries can replace the following part number:
For HP
756478-421 HSTNN-DB6J HSTNN-UB6I
756478-541 HSTNN-DB6K V104
756479-421 HSTNN-LB61 V1O4
756743-001 HSTNN-LB6I VI04
756745-001 HSTNN-LB6J VIO4

VI04 laptop battery is compatible with the following models :

For HP
For ENVY 15-q001tx For Envy 15-k217tx(L1L28PA) For Pavilion 14-V050TX
For ENVY 15-q001tx(J2C93PA) For Envy 15-k218tx For Pavilion 14-V051TX
For Envy 14-j004TX(N1V53PA) For Envy 15-k218tx(L1L29PA) For Pavilion 14-V060TX
For Envy 14-U001TX(J6M87PA) For Envy 15-k219tx For Pavilion 14-V061TX
For Envy 14-U002TX(J6M88PA) For Envy 15-k219tx(L1L30PA) For Pavilion 14-v213tx
For Envy 14-U003TX For Envy 15-k220tx For Pavilion 14-v214tx
For Envy 14-U003TX(J6M89PA) For Envy 15-k220tx(L1L31PA) For Pavilion 14-v215tx
For Envy 14-U004TX(J6M90PA) For Envy 15-k221tx For Pavilion 14-V216tx
For Envy 14-U005TX(J6M91PA) For Envy 15-k221tx(L1L32PA) For Pavilion 14-V217tx
For Envy 14-U006TX(J6M92PA) For Envy 15-k222tx For Pavilion 14-V218tx
For Envy 14-u202tx(L1L18PA) For Envy 15-k222tx(L1L33PA) For Pavilion 14-V219tx
For Envy 14-u203tx(L1L19PA) For Envy 15-k301TU For Pavilion 15-B065TX
For Envy 14-u204tx(L1L20PA) For Envy 15-P099NA For Pavilion 15-p003ax
For Envy 14-u205tx(L1L21PA) For Envy 17-k104ng For Pavilion 15-P011NS
For Envy 14-u206tx(L1L22PA) For HP For Pavilion 14-ab057ca For Pavilion 15-p029TX
For Envy 14-u207tx(L1L23PA) For HP For Pavilion 15-ab120ca For Pavilion 15-p032AX
For Envy 14-u208tx(L1L24PA) For HP For Pavilion 15-ab168ca For Pavilion 15-p033AX
For Envy 14-V002TU For HP For Pavilion 17-g161us For Pavilion 15-p034AX
For Envy 15 k229tx For HP For Pavilion 17-g170ca For Pavilion 15-p074TX(J6M24PA)
For Envy 15-k020us For HP For Pavilion 17-g178ca For Pavilion 15-p075TX(J6M25PA)
For Envy 15-K028TX For HP For Pavilion 17-g188ca For Pavilion 15-p076TX(J6M26PA)
For Envy 15-K028TX(J6M28PA) J2C93PA For Pavilion 15-p098TX
For Envy 15-k031TX J6M28PA For Pavilion 15-p224tx(L0K80PA)
For Envy 15-K031TX(J6M93PA) J6M89PA For Pavilion 15-p225tx(L0K81PA)
For Envy 15-K032TX J6M93PA For Pavilion 15-p226tx(L0K82PA)
For Envy 15-K032TX(J6M94PA) J6M94PA For Pavilion 15-p227tx(L0K83PA)
For Envy 15-K103TX K2N91PA For Pavilion 15-p282tx(L2Z67PA)
For Envy 15-K103TX(K2N91PA) K2N92PA For Pavilion 15-P295TX
For Envy 15-K104TX K2N93PA For Pavilion 17-1113dx
For Envy 15-K104TX(K2N92PA) K2N94PA For ProBook 430 G2
For Envy 15-K105TX K2N95PA For ProBook 440 G2
For Envy 15-K105TX(K2N93PA) L1L25PA For ProBook 440 G2(J4Z31PT)
For Envy 15-K106TX L1L26PA For ProBook 440 G2(J4Z32PT)
For Envy 15-K106TX(K2N94PA) L1L27PA For ProBook 440 G2(J4Z33PT)
For Envy 15-K107TX L1L28PA For ProBook 440 G2(J5W68PA)
For Envy 15-K107TX(K2N95PA) L1L29PA For ProBook 440 G2(J5W69PA)
For Envy 15-k214tx L1L30PA For ProBook 440 G2(J7B83PA)
For Envy 15-k214tx(L1L25PA) L1L31PA For ProBook 440 G2(J7B86PA)
For Envy 15-k215tx L1L32PA For ProBook 440 G2(J7W06PA)
For Envy 15-k215tx(L1L26PA) L1L33PA For ProBook 440 G2(L0H66PT)
For Envy 15-k216tx M4Y19PA For ProBook 440 G2(L1D80PT)
For Envy 15-k216tx(L1L27PA) For Pavilion 14-V048TX For ProBook 440 G2(L4Q36PA)
For Envy 15-k217tx For Pavilion 14-V049TX For ProBook 440 G2-V59

 3,500  3,800

A warranty sticker is attached on product and packaging, and a seriel number is noted on individual product ,which will serve as warranty card. Furthermore, warranty period is also mentioned on our invoice. You are requested to keep following item safe and secure for warranty claim.
1) Product packaging.
2) I.T STORE invoice.
3) Product it self.
Note: Warranty will be void if product is physically damaged or product packaging is lost by user.
I.T STORE offERS 3 MONTHS CHECK WARRANTY (terms and conditions apple).
We are shipping to all over Pakistan within 3 to 7 working days.
How to Order
You can place your order via Phone Call or Email and we will ship your order to desired location via courier.
Place your order via Phone Call:03226309455, 0418408043 11:00A.M till 09:00P.M

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